Cloud Forest

The Cloud Forest gave an entirely different experience compared to the Flower Dome. Upon entry, we were greeted by 35-meter man-made waterfalls which made the whole place very moist but still cool (the temperature in this dome is similarly maintained at 23°C to 25°C). Because it was so sunny outside, the water vapor created a mini rainbow where the waterfalls hit the ground — I had to get a little bit wet/moist to check it out but it was well worth it!

The visit continued with a walk along the path around this “mountain” to the lift lobby which later brought us up to level 6. This was followed by a short climb of stairs to the peak of the structure which has a corny name called “Lost World.”


Waterfalls greeting all visitors

Waterfalls greeting all visitors


The mini rainbow


Looking up


Looking through


Pitcher plants with reflections at the peak of the mountain


We later descended via two walkways in the barely visible “clouds” for an aerial view of the canopy and various plants which grew very healthily on the structure wall.

Somewhere in the middle of the structure, you will find the “Crystal Mountain Cave” which features some stalactites and stalagmites. I wonder which caves did they come from — my bad, didn’t bother to stop and read — only took some photos. 😉



Looking down


The Cloud Walk from a distance. Cloudless to me, no?


Surface details of stalactite / stalagmite on display


Another view, this time from the Secret Garden below


Small falls along the “river” in the Secret Garden


We spent about 1.5 hours in the Cloud Forest. But since we could re-enter again by getting a stamp, we came back in the evening on the same day to check out the lights. The feeling was different and better looking against the deep blue sky. Unfortunately the “blue hour” in Singapore only lasts ~20 minutes and when the sky turned dark, most of the plants were not really visible.



Exterior view at around 715pm


The waterfalls again, at around 730pm


Looking up again, the Cloud Walk, during blue hour


Sky got darker now. A couple spotted admiring the view from the Cloud Walk.

How to get there: