December through 85mm

December always comes with Christmas trees decorated with lights. Its a great time to make some portraits with bokehlicious background.

The 85mm is my to-go lens for this season, and I got the cheap Canon FDn paired with the alpha 7. Here are some of the other photos besides family portraits.


Christmas lights
Christmas lights at the airport


Yummy treats
Yummy treats


Violinist at Westgate. Great smile!
Violinist at Westgate. Great smile!


An adult baboon
Portrait of an adult baboon snacking


Photo in the lawn
Photo in the lawn at NUS UTown


Omar the white tiger
Omar the white tiger trying to takeĀ a nap (cropped)


Cat on its way home
Cat hesitating to go home


Students hogging Starbucks seats
Students slogging it off atĀ Starbucks, but wait — aren’t exams over?


Drizzling weather -- hazy insta effect achieved by shoot through my dirty car window
Drizzling weather — hazy insta fade effect achieved by shooting through my dirty car window


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