Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction

This exhibition has been operating at the ArtScience Museum since January 2014 but I only found out about it now that it is the semester break / school holidays. It will end soon¬†in July, so I feel kind of fortunate that we did pay a visit to it. ūüôā

The ArtScience Museum is part of the Marina Bay Sands. The lotus-like building is one of my favourites and in my opinion, the only nice looking building among all the Marina Bay Sands properties. Underneath this building is a vast pond filled with beautiful lotus flowers overlooking the Marina Bay. Nice place to relax because the Museum is a big shelter, providing much needed shade from the sun.


View from the ArtScience Museum
View from the ArtScience Museum
Sweet looking lotus flower -- something irresistible by the bumblebee
Sweet looking lotus flower — something the bumblebee found irresistible


Tickets were¬†below $20/pax after discounts for citizen/residents and also NTUC membership¬†— I think the visit¬†is¬†worth the price.¬†We met a group of students having their excursions via a guided tour¬†and so we tagged along;¬†listening in. This is a quite a fruitful trip for me because I learned a few things:

  • Herrerasaurus was one of the earliest dinosaurs. Its name means “Herrera’s lizard”, named after Herrera the cowboy¬†who discovered the first specimen.
  • If the species is named after a¬†¬†female name, it will end with¬†-saura instead of -saurus.
  • There were¬†several versions of¬†the Triceratops
  • My fav:¬†Tyrannosaurus rex can’t run! Due to its weight and the bent knees, it can only walk.


Museum Lobby / Exhibit Entrance
Museum Lobby / Exhibit Entrance
Battle scene
Battle scene between a giant Lessemsaurus and a carnivorous Fasolasuchus
T. rex can not run
I am glad to know that T. rex can not run

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